I am a professional photographer, living my life-long passion, inspired by natural beauty and driven by SCG - Self-realizing, Connecting and Giving . See ADVOCATE PLANNING, To Do What You Love To Do, my FREE download book on Principles-Based Priorities Planning, on my blog site www.MikeSipe.com. 

I am presently, mostly printing large canvas images, believing large mages have the greatest impact, and the best wall staying power. 

I use only natural light, believing that the images I am able to capture are gifts of nature. I put myself in a place of potential, at the right time, with the right equipment and, if I am open, I see gifts of beauty to freeze in an image.  

My present primary project is 'Skyward', prompted by the death of Patty, my wife of more than fifty-four years. My eyes move upward from my previous focus, water, to the horizon and beyond. 

Prints are produced by me on certified archival matte fine art canvas or paper. I prefer to custom print my images to your liking. I often pay a comminssion to selling agents. However, if there is no selling agent, I pass on the savings to you. I do not charge for prints I make for family or close friends.  

Please call to arrange a print for your wall. I would be honored to provide one to you. 320.493.1318. 

Thank you for visiting. May your personal passions be your priority.