I am a professional photographer, living my life-long passion, inspired by natural beauty and driven by SCG - Self-realizing, Connecting and Giving . See ADVOCATE PLANNING, To Do What You Love To Do, my FREE download book on Principles-Based Priorities Planning, on my blog site www.MySCGpriorities.com. 

I shoot mostly with a medium format camera and a 80 megapixel back, in pursuit of the "Bigger is Better" image that will have wall staying power. 

I use only natural light, believing that the images I am able to capture are gifts of nature. I put myself in a place of potential, at the right time, with the right equipment and, if I am open, I see gifts of beauty to freeze in an image.  

My present primary project is Lake Champlain, A Baisin of Relations. I will continue to shoot the beauty of the Champlain Valley and it's people until I no longer have the urge - which may be a never ending story. 

I have two objectives for the CHAMPLAIN PROJECT: 1. To produce a high quality coffee table book, depicting the beauy of the area and the importance of water stewardship. And 2. To Produce LARGE images for exhibit on Home and Office Walls. 

If you would like to represent my photography or learn about SCG , see www.MySCGpriorities.com, call 320-493-1318 or email mike@mesipe.com. 

Prints are produced by me on certified archival matte fine art paper. Prices are $100 per unlimited number prints on 17x22 sheet paper, $300 per 25 limited edition prints on 24-inch paper and $500 per 10 limited edition prints on 44-inch paper. 

Thank you for visiting. May your personal passions be your priority.